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In more than 15 years in the sports industry, I've worked with organizations from ambitious startups to entities with well-positioned brand platforms, My teams have driven attendance increases, improved awareness and engagement, and created effective partnership programs.
Groups I have worked with, past and present, include:

Consultant/Contract Services


Do you need help at the gate? Let's put together effective strategies to attract folks through the turnstiles, then make them avid fans.


Sports have a way of tugging at emotions. A good communications plan can drive awareness, build interest and sustain engagement.


Whether you win or lose, it's about the experience. A great night out needs to start at arrival and last beyond their departure.


We all know sponsors are a key component of sports organizations. Good partnerships need to be a win-win for the organization and the partner.

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I can take on a role that is focused or one that carries a variety of responsibilities.
What part can I play on your team?